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We are a training, consultation and supervision service for helping professionals and teams. We offer teaching and coaching in relational approaches to reflective practice and therapeutic care. 



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Developing Relational Skills For Therapeutic Practices  

Relational Reflective Practice Training

Team and Group Training Packages 

Implement a tailored whole team or group approach to learning and applying relational reflective practice in your workplace context.


Introduction to Relational Theory For Therapeutic Practice

Foundations of relational formulation and intervention

Learn a model that  strengthens formulation and the use of the therapeutic relationship in practice.

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Supervision and Consultation Training

Learn to supervise and consult with a relational approach

Training in supervision and consultation for helping professionals, integrating  reflective relational theory and techniques. 


Cognitive Analytic Therapy Training Program

Become an accredited Cognitive Analytic Therapist

A 2 year ANZACAT endorsed training program for mental health and counselling professionals

Psychologist's Office

Supervision and Consultation

Ongoing supervision, consultation and support options for developing, strengthening and applying relational approaches in the practice context. 

Sitting on Couch

Relate and Reflect consultants integrate their knowledge of evidence based clinical practice with relational therapeutic frameworks to offer regular supervision. Ideal for practitioners working in mental health, therapeutic and community care settings. 

Group Therapy

Ideal for teams and groups of helping professionals wanting a regular space to reflect on, and develop relational therapeutic practices. Relate and Reflect Consultants bring a relational and systemic lens to topics whilst also focusing on team connection and a shared practice development.

Life Coach

For individuals or groups, consultations are facilitated relational formulation sessions aimed at generating a shared understanding to contextualise the practice experiences of helping professionals. The ultimate goal is to increase relational awareness to enhance therapeutic responses.

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