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Relate and Reflect (R&R) is a whole of service approach supporting relational reflective practice. Relational reflective practice focuses on the working or helping relationships with our clients, team members, stakeholders and system.  Relationships are everything! R&R teaches and helps embed the relational formulation skills of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT). These skills are for everyone, not just therapists, but any professional who works with people who need relationally responsive support.  

Relate & Reflect (R&R) packages

Business Meeting

R&R - whole service package

R&R the whole service package is catered for your organisation and its relational needs. This includes a whole of service training on how to use relational formulation, alongside a "champion"  model where a leadership group will learn more about relational formulation to lead their teams in relational reflective practice (RRP). This package is designed for a service to continue the RRP in their own service and their needs. It usually include 2 days training, champion model training and 5 consultations. 

Working Together

 Relational formulation  1 day workshop

Relational formulation is  a way to formulate from our own response in relationships.  We use this reflection, often with a mapping tool, to inform a more helpful and therapeutic response. Often a relational formulation helps professionals in health and wellbeing services to not repeat unhelpful relationships with their clients who often have relational trauma. Relational formulation relies on the theory of reciprocity in relationships and from the theory of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)


R&R - relational consultation 

Relational consultation - this is training and support to use the relational formulation model and mapping tool to provide secondary and tertiary consultations. This package usually include training and consultations over 6 months to embed a relational consultation model.  

Alternatively you can request a secondary or tertiary consultation as a one off. 

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