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Relational Reflective

A model for individuals, groups and teams to learn and experience sound relational approaches to reflective practice through tailored training and consultation options.  


The R & R training and consultation model integrates principles of reflective practice, adult learning, implementation science and group work skills. The core

R & R theory and techniques are derived from key practice elements of Cognitive Analytic Therapy that help individuals and teams to develop insight into their role in the helping relationship and to use this knowledge to improve understanding and practice.


The Learning and Benefits
of R & R Training 

Using case based learning and reflection, the R & R training teaches theory and techniques for relational formulation, with the goal of individuals and groups developing a shared framework in relational reflective practice (RRP).  Individuals and teams find they benefit personally and professionally from the models capacity to provide insight into complexity in their work, deepen empathy and enhance practice outcomes by improving working relationships.  Training is tailored in content and structure to meet the needs of a variety of teams and practitioners working in the mental health, education and community care contexts. The R & R principles are adapted and taught for different audiences and purposes that include practitioners and teams, supervisors and leadership groups. 

Problem Based Learning

R & R Training and consultation sessions focus heavily on problem based learning approaches to engage and teach key concepts and techniques. We use a mixed media approach to provide case studies and provoke discussions, as well as drawing on real life practice examples for applied learning and reflection. Our expertise in group consultation, facilitation and teaching supports individual and team interaction in sessions. We focus on making learning accessible and relevant to each groups context.

Relational Teaching Style 

We don't just share content about relational theory and techniques, we also use a relational approach in our training and consultation styles. We know from experience that a collaborative, reflective and attuned stance is just as effective in building a safe learning space for training sessions as it is for therapeutic helping relationships in the workplace.   

In person and online learning

R & R Training and Consultation packages include access to online video modules with paired training manuals. These form part of the learning and remain a resource for teams to refresh and support staff over a 12month period. Access to the online, on demand content can assist workplaces where there may be barriers to attending in-person training. We can work with teams to consider what mix of delivery methods may be a good balance for their individual operational and learning needs.  

Evaluate and Respond

R & R has been the subject of two formal mixed-method evaluations in addition to ongoing quality assurance measures for each package we deliver. An early needs assessment, and brief questionnaires as well as easy to use measurement tools are offered and administered at key time points in each package delivery. The information we collect helps to ensure we are meeting the groups needs, and adapt where needed through the course of the training and consultation period. It also provides a summary snapshot of staff experience and feedback at closure for leadership and key stakeholders. 

If you’d like more information about our Training and Consultation

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