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About Us

Relate and Reflect grew from a mutual passion for sharing relational approaches to practice. It is a collaboration between Co-Directors Lee Crothers and Lenice Murray, who each have over twenty years experience in the mental health and community care sectors. They have brought together knowledge from past roles in direct practice, supervision, community development, group work, leadership, program evaluation, research and education to create a range of professional development options that can be tailored for organisations, groups and individuals.


 Relate and Reflect has strong influences from Lee and Lenice's study and practice with Cognitive Analytic Therapy where they have found that the key theories and techniques of relational formulation and mapping are transferrable and accessible in supporting relational and systemic thinking. They integrate these key concepts with best practice approaches to mental health care, therapeutic interventions, supervision, consultation and training to develop and deliver their range of services. 


Lee and Lenice have found that relational and reflective perspectives are often the most helpful and hopeful for building empathy, strengthening working alliances, supporting sustainable practice and fostering a learning culture. They are committed to helping individuals and teams take on relational reflective approaches and integrating this into their own practice and service context. 


Get to Know Our Team

Lee and Lenice both grew up on the lands of the Wurrunjderi-Willam peoples in the far Northern suburbs of Naarm (Melbourne). A good chunk of their early careers involved working throughout the greater Western and Northern Suburbs of Naarm in tertiary mental health services with youth and adult populations. They have both been lucky enough to have had opportunities to travel, connect and work with individuals and communities throughout Australia and the UK

Lee Crothers

Lee is a Mental Health OT and Cognitive Analytic Therapy practitioner, Supervisor and Trainer. She is the founder of In Dialogue consultation and training as well as co-founder of In Dialogue Practice. She has had key roles in supporting large organisations in practice development. She regularly consults to teams and enjoys the co-creation of embedding practice change in complex systems. 

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Lenice Murray

Lenice is a Mental Health Social Worker with a Masters in Public Health. She works in private practice where she provides therapy, supervision, consultation and evaluation services. She is trained in a range of therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Analytic Therapy. She loves working alongside people in their practice development initiatives to sustainably meet the needs of the communities they serve. 

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