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About Us

Across their work spanning over 20 years or more (each) in public and private mental health, Lenice Murray and Lee Crothers have found a relational perspective the most helpful and hopeful. Lenice and Lee are committed to helping teams take on the relational reflective practice and fitting this thinking into their own work and service culture. 

Lenice Murray is an accredited mental health social worker. Lenice has worked in public mental health settings, both adult and youth and is currently in private practice  where she offers individual psychotherapy, individual/group supervision and secondary consultation. Lenice also offers mental health program evaluation and is interested in how mental health education is implemented for real change for clients and the workforce supporting them.  

Lee Crothers is an occupational therapist. Lee is a Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) practitioner, supervisor and trainer and is founder of In Dialogue, (, providing supervision, training and consultation using the relational framework of CAT. She regularly consults to teams and enjoys the co-creation of embedding practice change in systems that often support people who are seen as complex. 

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