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Introduction to Relational Theory
For Therapeutic Practice

Session in Progress

Foundations of relational formulation and intervention

This two day course will introduce participants to a model for conceptualising the role of the relational in the development of the self, and in patterns of behaviour that might emerge in the therapeutic context. Teaching integrated concepts from cognitive, analytic, social activity and attachment theories, participants are provided with a framework and tools to 'see' and develop shared formulations about the role of the relational in day to day experiences. Drawn from Cognitive Analytic Therapy, these foundational theories and mapping tool can strengthen understanding, and provide introductory insights into how to actively use the therapeutic relationship in a reparative way. Evidence routinely highlights the importance of a good therapeutic relationship for effective interventions. Explicit teaching and use of relational approaches enables practitioners to more collaboratively attune too, openly acknowledge and discuss the therapeutic relationship as both a 'container' for intervention, as well as an active mode of intervention in day to day practice. 

This training can be accessed either by individuals at certain scheduled times, or purchased for whole teams or groups of professionals.  

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