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Supervision and Consultation Training


This training teaches helping professionals core principles and skills to provide clinical supervision and consultation sessions in mental health and community care settings. The first two modules provide a framework for supervision and consultation that supports participants to collaboratively contract and deliver sessions, integrating educative, reflective and supportive functions. Modules three and four add too, and deepen this framework to teach key theory and techniques in relational reflective practice. By integrating the relate and reflect model, trainee supervisors are given accessible techniques to introduce reflection on relational experiences and complexity in practice. The overarching aim of including a relational approach to supervision and consultation is to enhance supervisees understanding and use of the therapeutic relationship in practice. We recommend those enrolling in this training have a minimum of three years experience in their field of practice.    

Modules One & Two:
The Principles of Supervision and Consultation

These two modules introduce frameworks for contracting and delivering supervision and consultation in mental health and community care settings. Modules cover core principles for ethical and safe practice guidelines as well as techniques for integrating educative, reflective and supportive role functions into clinical supervision and consultations. Experiential and problem based learning approaches are utilised to apply theory to practice to support learning within each module.  

Practice Group Consultations

We know learning a new framework and integrating it into practice is best supported by ongoing reflection, problem based discussions and coaching over time. Our training is purposely designed to include four 1.5 hour online consultations at monthly intervals. A maximum of 8 participants who have completed all four modules can attend consultations to participate in facilitated group discussion and learning.  

Modules Three & Four: Facilitating Relational Reflective Practice in Supervision and Consultation

These two modules build on the first two to introduce the relate and reflect framework for relational reflective practice with a focus on how to integrate the model into supervision and consultation sessions. Key concepts around relational formulation and techniques to support increased reflective function on the relational patterns that might emerge in working relationships and practice contexts are taught. Experiential and problem based learning approaches to teaching are used to apply learning during each module.   

Online Materials and Learning

We have an established suite of on demand video modules and readings that can be accessed via our online learning management system for a 12month period as part the training course. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our technological capabilities.  

If you’d like more information about this training, get in touch today.

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