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Team and Group Training Packages


Relate and Reflect Group Training Packages are delivered to a whole team or group of helping professionals working together. The package teaches a shared framework for relational thinking and a mapping technique for reflecting on working relationships. This can aid understanding and communication to enhance team connection and strengthen therapeutic skills. The package supports nominated staff members to become champion facilitators so they can independently sustain the model in their day to day practice context, utilising it for supervision, consultation, reviews and reflection.   



Introductory Workshops

The package includes 2 days of in person introductory training that teaches core theory and techniques for relational formulation, reflective practice and the R & R techniques. Training delivery includes a mix of didactic, experiential and problem based learning modalities. There is an emphasis in the workshops on applying the model to the unique practice setting. 


Online Modular Video Learning 

The key theories and core techniques of R & R have been condensed into short video teaching modules that can be accessed for 12 months. The modules are complimentary to support on demand and refresher learning. They can also support access to learning for staff or services that require flexible timing for delivery of training materials.  


Five Online Monthly Consultations

Following completion of the 2 day workshop training, teams are provided with five online consultation session for 1.5hours, at monthly intervals. These sessions help support ongoing learning for skill consolidation and sustainability in practice. We have designed our training this way to support uptake and implementation over 6 months.   


Monitoring and Evaluation

R & R has been the subject of two formal evaluations and overtime we have sourced and developed simplified tools that support monitoring team learning, satisfaction, confidence and implementation of the model in practice. We provide snapshots of these measures at three time points, including on completion for stakeholder feedback and discussion. This supports any further tailoring that might need to be undertaken to support team learning during the training process.  

In our roles as mental health clinicians, we can get stuck. We can really get to that point where, what to do next? what's happening here? how am I contributing to this? And I love how this training helps you to reflect on yourself in that process… it helps you to get unstuck because you're reflecting on your relationship. It made people in the team see things in a different way and see how they are a part of the process.’ 

- Senior Mental Health Clinician in Youth Mental Health Service

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